Ok, so I will admit… they got my attention with a grill. I saw a Facebook post that said, “You can’t win happiness, but you can win a Weber grille, and that’s like the same thing!” and it officially piqued my interest. So, I booked an interview with Office Administrator, Marcey Mason to learn more about fellow Souhegan Valley Chamber member, Family Dental Care of Milford. 


As evidenced by aforementioned Facebook, one thing that Family Dental Care of Milford does so well is to engage their patients and community by making dental care and the experience in their office fun for the whole family! The practice is located on Elm Street in Milford and they can proudly claim that they are the most convenient dentist in the Souhegan Valley. They opened their doors in October of 1985 and have been named:

  • “Best of the Souhegan Valley” (2009-2018)
  • Top Dentist (2010-Present)
  • New Dentist of the Year (Dr. Ava O’Neill 2018)
  • Volunteer of the Year (2018)

They serve over 6,000 patients with five dentists, ten hygienists, and a friendly office staff. They like their patients to feel comfortable with their dentist and hygienist, and encourage you to find a good fit for your care. They offer a wide array of in-house services and when they refer out, they ensure that it’s within their tightly-knit network of trusted specialists.

They are very much integrated into the community and are constantly striving to make a positive impact in the local area from support of sports teams, to robotics clubs, the Boys & Girls Club, and more!

Recently, they hosted a FREE day of care for Veteran’s which provided over $43,000 worth of care to those who  have served.

Here is more from my fun interview with Marcey:

What Do You Enjoy About Being a Member of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce?

Family Dental Care of Milford joined the Chamber in 1998 and really began getting involved in 2013 when Marcey joined the Board. Marcey told me that the Chamber has been amazing for their business. They have heavily utilized the many networking opportunities, the Business to Business opportunities, and it has helped them attract many new patients by assisting with getting the word out about their unique environment. Since Family Dental Care of Milford is “not your average dentist’s office”, it’s been incredibly awesome to get this message out through their Chamber membership. They Chamber has also helped them to get more involved and engaged in the community as well.

“You get out your membership what you put in,” Marcey shared, “But when you put in a little, you get out a lot!”

What Do You Like About Living and Working in the Souhegan Valley? 

Marcey, and the staff who live here, agree that the Souhegan Valley is one of the best places to live! Everything we need we can get right here, and everything else… is just a short distance away! From mountains, to city in just an hour –and the airport and beaches are within easy reach. She also said they love the community-oriented feel and all of the opportunities for local involvement. Marcey has lived in Milford her whole life and still feels that she gets a lot of diversity from all of the different kinds of people she interacts with through the Chamber and work.


Fun Facts

Marcey gave me a lot of fun facts all of which she knew right off the top of her head about the Dentists!

  1. Dr. Smith worked as an afterschool sterilization tech at Family Dental Care of Milford, he then attended dental school and came back as a dentist!
  2. Dr. Osofsky was the valedictorian of his graduating class at Nashua High School
  3. Dr. Wilson was a professor at University of New England with their first graduating dental class. The same class that ironically…
  4. Dr. O’Neill was graduating in!
  5. Dr. Prohovich was captain of his college basketball team at Boston University.

Marcey’s fun fact was that she has worked at Family Dental Care of Milford her entire adult life! She went to school for accounting and worked as a “file girl”, and then later doing an internship in Statistics. Her daughter, now 22, was her sidekick at the office for many snow days and school vacation days growing up.

If you want to connect with Family Dental Care of Milford, check out their website and Facebook page, and tell them I sent you (so I can win that grille :)).





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