Meet ME at COHO!

This week’s Tuesday on the Town was the quintessential “Tuesday on the Town”…

Why? Because it was actually ON the town! Well, on the Oval that is, in the town of Milford! This week, I met with co-founders of CoWorking House, Holly Bly and Kristin Hardwick. CoWorking House (or CoHo as it’s affectionally known) will be a flexible shared office space and vibrant center for business creatives in New Hampshire. It will be open to all and will be a place for startups, freelancers, remote employees, students, artists, and those who work remotely to gather, collaborate, socialize, teach, learn, play, and of course…

When Kristin first quit her day job and began working from home, she thought it was going to be “amazing”. Sometimes it was, but as she quickly learned, barking dogs, an endless list of housework you could ALSO be doing and an overall feeling of solitude were all huge distractions to a actually getting any productive work done. So, the idea for CoWorking House was born, a rethinking of the way we work, removing the need for many to pay rent on expensive offices or camp out in coffee shops all day and pay the equivalent of monthly rent on caffeine.

CoWorking House (anticipated open date Winter /Early 2019) will provide a 5000+ sq. ft. gorgeous space to meet with other creative individuals in. There will be open workspace with couches, chairs, and tables, as well as designated desks,  as well as individual offices, conference rooms, a library, an area for private phone conversations, event space, full kitchen and kitchenette, mother’s nursing room, and more! They will offer day passes as well as monthly memberships with no long term commitment.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the most important part, COFFEE from Union Coffee Co. …..the fuel by which dreams to come true!

Let me introduce you to Holly Bly and Kristin Hardwick and let you hear more from them about their vision!

Holly Bly 

2017-12-20 11.50.47.jpgMom of two (adorable!!) boys. Currently owns her own business as a personal trainer and also has a background in social work and consulting. Born and raised in Milford, NH.  where she still lives today.

Kristin Hardwick

Also a mom of two (also adorable) –one boy and one girl, who also happen to be two of her most photogenic clients. Kristin is a Brand Photographer who helps entrepreneurs be seen. Kristin lives in Wilton, NH. Kristin Headshots July 2018-0020.jpg

Kristin and Holly met when Holly hired Kristin to shoot some photos for her website and marketing and a partnership began brewing soon after when Kristin shared her idea for CoWorking House with Holly and asked her to be a partner. In their partnership, Kristin’s role will be focusing mainly on the marketing aspect of the business and Holly will work directly with clients as well as oversee membership management.

What Do You Like About Living and Working in the Souhegan Valley? 

Both Holly and Kristin (and their families) love the outdoors and that this area has such great proximity to oceans, mountains, and outdoor activities. They also love that it’s an area with many young families and a budding business community. The more they connect with others, the smaller and more close knit the area feels. Holly has family here (in fact, I met her Nana outside the door when we first arrived!) and she said she loves the sense of roots that this place offers her, as well as where she feels she is meant to continue the work she is doing.

What Do You Like About Being a Member of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce?

In alignment with the theme, Holly and Kristin love the sense of community and collaborative opportunities the Chamber offers as well as a providing resources to member businesses. The Chamber’s mission and values are the same as theirs as they seek to promote and support local business and serve the community.

The Most Fun of Fun Facts! 

Kristin – Cannot wink but can wiggle her ears. She really can’t wink, I’ve seen her try. And she really can wiggle her ears. I’ve seen that too.44702791_2234431380134705_4122588448567590912_n

Holly -Is a runner who loves to run but admittedly is mostly in it for the beer at the end of the race 🙂 She and her husband choose races based on the post-beverage options. I cannot say I blame her one bit for that!

Want to learn more or be a part of this awesome CoWorking House Holly and Kristin are starting? Check out their Kickstarter campaign HERE and when they open…

I’ll meet YOU for your future Tuesday on the Town feature, at COHO!

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