“Speedy Delivery to You!”

I can’t help but start with a brief flashback to Mr. Roger’s neighborhood’s friendly mailman, Mr. McFeely, in introducing this week’s Tuesday on the Town.

“If there’s anything you want, if there’s anything you need…[SpeedPro Imaging Solutions] brings it to you here with speed.”

Heather and Brian Crowe are the owners of SpeedPro Imaging Solutions in Amherst, NH and they, like Mr. McFeely will bring you your large format printing needs with speed!

After Brian’s working twenty years in the financial services industry and Heather working in insurance and then being a stay-at-home mom to their two boys (ages 12 and 14), they decided it was time for a change. They wanted something that was new and different, as well as satisfying in regards to giving back to their community and helping it to grow.

They worked with a franchising consultant, who works with people looking to purchase a franchise and helps match them up to what the best option is for them. They decided on SpeedPro Imaging Solutions in October of 2017 and had located and renovated their space in Amherst months later. In my experience of opening a business, “speedy” is an understatement in this instance!

SpeedPro Imaging Solutions offers visual communication solutions to help businesses promote themselves through window graphics, event graphics, vehicle wraps, trade show displays, and much more! They also boast a quick turnaround time and in-house design work as well as the ability to both create and install.

Heather told me that every phone call and inquiry gets a real person calling back and it is a timely response! They take pride in what they do and it shows through their actions.


Perhaps their most popular outcome though is putting a smile on people’s faces. That is why Heather and Brian love what they do so much! I enjoyed sitting down with both of them and sharing their positivity as well as hearing more about what they love about the local community and being a part of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce.

What Do You Love About Living and Working in the Souhegan Valley? 

Heather and Brian have lived in Amherst for thirteen years and both of them love the close knit community. Heather said she loves how everyone is always looking out for each other. Working at SpeedPro allows them to see their local community grow together as they help other businesses with their needs.

The Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce

Heather and Brian are new members to the Chamber of Commerce but I have already seen them at so many events and opportunities! They have taken advantage of the many networking events and resources that the Chamber offers. They had their Ribbon-Cutting and Grand Opening Open House event with the Chamber of Commerce on May 31st to which one of their favorite projects, a 40-foot party bus vehicle wrap, came rolling in on to share in the celebration.  They love the many connections they have made since joining the Chamber and the strong community that is being built amongst members!



Fun Facts: 

Heather and Brian have a dog, a cat, and two dwarf hamsters. I personally thought hamsters were already as small as they could get but…. Heather assured me that they these are even smaller! They both love hiking and Brian shared with me that he has owned almost 40 cars in his life! Heather’s fun fact is that she attended nursing school for a year before realizing nursing school + a dislike for blood does not equal a happy future!

Make sure if you see Heather and/or Brian out and about at your next Chamber of Commerce event, you say hello and introduce yourself! It was a pleasure speaking with them and I am sure you will feel the same.


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