Wanna Be a Knockout?

Imagine there was a way to get in shape with an exciting, ever-changing, 30 minute workout? Imagine you didn’t have to slog away on a treadmill at the gym, or wander aimlessly from machine to machine wondering what exactly you should be doing on them…

This week, I spoke with Michele Castellucci,  owner of 9Round in Milford, NH who 0.jpegshared with me her passion for helping our community stay healthy and fit, and taught me about a fantastic new circuit-style workout that will improve your fitness like no other workout!

Michele used to be a trainer at a gym teaching in a rather similar format to 9Round. She decided she wanted to work for herself and in January 2015, she opened the first 9Round in New Hampshire in Nashua, NH. Michele wanted to bring fitness to her community and is constantly amazed at how awesome the community is and the many changes she sees in her clients fitness!

What makes 9Round a bit unique is that there are no specific class times (you show up at your own convenience) and it’s not like the gym. You are welcomed by a friendly, qualified trainer, who can also assist you during the workout. The trainer shows you how to do each exercise based on your fitness level and provides modifications (or progressions as you strengthen) as needed. Here is where the fun comes in: there are nine stations, each of which you spend three minutes at before moving to the next station. The workouts are different every single day and applicable for all fitness levels and abilities.


Between their two locations, Michele has eight trainers, as well as a manager (also her son) and two owners (she and her husband, Joe).

What Do You Love About New Hampshire? Living, and Working in the Souhegan Valley? 

Michele lives in Nashua and loves the vibrant downtown there; she said there are a lot of options as well as a strong sense of community in Nashua. She also loves living in New Hampshire because you get to have it all –oceans, mountains lakes, and more! Michele loves hiking, kayaking, fishing, and being in the nature so New Hampshire is a perfect fit! The Milford community is one she sees growing immensely and she loves being able to be a change-maker in the community; Michele and Joe are making their contribution in the management and prevention of chronic disease right in their back yard.


What Do You Enjoy About Being a Part of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce? How Has it Helped Your Business? 

Michele and Joe joined the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce in 2017 and so far are loving the opportunity to be “in the know” and see what is going on locally. They also love that it is a community within a community and building a strong sense of partnership and collaboration between local businesses and individuals. Michele is happy to see so many education opportunities offered and looks forward to more in the future!

Tell Me a Fun Fact

I asked Michele what it was like to work with her spouse and she said that they complement each other very well; they are also both passionate about what they are doing and who they are serving. She also said sometimes it can be hard to “shut off” business discussions when away from the business when you work with your spouse. Michele grew up in he infamous Salem, Massachusetts. She has a 4-year old dog named Brody who she recently found out (through DNA testing) is a “Feist”.

It was great meeting with Michele and hearing about how she is changing lives through such a unique approach to fitness. I highly recommend you check out 9Round in Milford, NH and add some “punch” to your workout!


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