Art Happens…. and it Can Happen to You!

It was already a sunny day when I ventured to Art Happens in Wilton to meet with owner, Liz Calabria; her cheery greeting and big smile were a ray of sunshine that added to the already bright and warm day. Before I start sharing with you all of the wonderful things taking place at Art Happens, I have to tell you Liz’s big confession…

Prior to opening a Paint and Sip Art Studio in
Wilton, NH… Liz had NEVER even painted!

It all began in July of 2013, Liz had experience working with children in dance instruction for 28 years when she decided it was time for a change. She always wanted to own her own business and decided to open a “Paint and Sip” space, which would offer art instruction, freestyle art opportunities, and of course…. sips of wine! She now has a team of eight teaching artists and two assistants who help her in her endeavor to offer a fantastically creative experience for all those who encounter Art Happens.

What Kind of Art “Happens” at Art Happens? 

Art Happens does everything from children’s birthday parties, ladies’ nights out, team-building and group events, to bachelorette parties! They also offer regular paint and sip project nights and summer camps for kids. Her space also includes a gift shop with local artisans consignment items. On Wednesdays, there is an open art group for adults and Art Happens also travels to do events in other locations. They paint on everything: canvases, birdhouses, glassware and also work with mixed media pieces, paper jewelry, and mosaics.


What do You Love about Living and Working in New Hampshire? 

Liz is a New Hampshire native and truly loves the area in which she lives and works. She has lived in Milford with her husband, Paul, for 29 years. She describes this area as being a “village” –a tight-knit community and great blend of arts and diversity. She loves being on the Milford/Wilton line where she gets to work with all sorts of great people and she also loves that in the Souhegan Valley, there is the ability to easily get to where the good stuff is: great music, awesome people, and FUN!

Art Happens and the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce 

Liz has been a part of the Chamber of Commerce for four years now and has found the camaraderie it has offered irreplaceable. She loves the awesome new people she meets through the Chamber of Commerce and the connections she makes. Liz also loves all of the free educational opportunities that are offered through the Chamber of Commerce. She loves that they are constantly growing and adding new things to keep us, as Chamber members united. I couldn’t agree with her more!


Fun Fact

e26e0d3cba4d1db6aeece5a2eaca81cfLiz had some really fun facts, and I couldn’t just choose one, so lucky you, I am going to give you four:

  • She loves the color purple
  • She has two large dogs Roma and Ringo. Get this… Roma (a Great Dane) jumps on their backyard trampoline
  • Her and her husband are both Justices of the Peace and help couples create the perfect, unique wedding ceremonies. (Paul was named Best Justice of the Peace in 2018 by NH Bride Magazine)
  • Liz was named Best Dance Instructor of 2018 by NH Bride Magazine!


If you want the opportunity to let your creative juices flow –what are you waiting for? Check out Art Happens today!

Art Happens, may it happen to you. 



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