I Saw the Sign…

Businesses know the value of a first impression. The way your location is perceived by drivers on the road, and those entering your space for the first time is not something to take lightly. Paul and Becky Tripp, owners of Classic Signs, have been creating first impressions via their distinctive signs since 1989.

Rob and Gary working on LaBelle Winery’s sign

Classic Signs actually grew out of the ashes of a sign company called Bissonnette Signs, where Paul worked right out of high school. It was born in Milford, NH and moved to where Classic Signs still is today on Columbia Drive in Amherst.  Before the owner of Bissonnette passed away, he and his wife presented the business to Paul, offering him an opportunity to buy it. Paul was newly married and could not see how he and Becky could afford to purchase a business at the time, so he turned down the offer. The company was bought and then later closed by another owner, for whom Paul also worked for. The business owners had let it face a foreclosure and so Paul and two other employees, at the threat of losing their jobs, took on the client accounts and kept up with all of the work out of Paul and Becky’s basement at home! When the business went to auction, they were able to purchase much of the needed equipment and happily took over the old rented space. They came back in and rebuilt the business brick by brick, with barely a ripple for their existing clients. This is the kind of commitment and quality you can expect from Classic Signs! They hired their first employee, Karen, over 23 years ago and she is still designing signs with them today, among a staff of 11 with similar longevity.

2017-10-31-blue sky-ClassicSign-0009- cropped copy
The friendly faces of Classic Signs, Inc. 

Classic Signs provides their customers with access to a knowledgeable and experienced staff, as well as the solution for your signage needs. They work with your individual style as well as your material needs such as: granite, wrought iron, copper, brass, mounted photography, raised lettering, neon, and gold leaf. Their goal is to display your company’s unique character through your signage and vehicle lettering. With superior quality and attention to detail, Classic Signs sets out to meet and exceed your highest expectations!

Karen and Jeanette applying vinyl to the Blue Seal sign

I don’t usually do this, but this week, I am going to start off with the fun fact that Becky shared with me when I sat down with her this past Tuesday. The fact was SO much fun that you may want to brace yourself prior to continuing (for once I am not being sarcastic). Becky’s first job out of high school was as a dental assistant. As part of her training, she had to take Radiology at NH Technical Institute in Concord and was responsible for bringing in her own “guinea pigs” willing to take x-rays of their teeth. At the time, she was friends with Paul’s sisters, Jeanette and Jeanelle, and the whole Tripp family. Because he was “such a nice guy” and so agreeable, Becky decided to ask him if he would be her victim for the x-rays. Paul happily obliged and helped her out… and he just so happened to have a pretty heavy crush on Becky at the time! One year after that, they were dating, and another year later, they were married. Just goes to show you that a great set of molars and some breath freshener can get you far!

Becky and Paul Tripp

It was very evident to me that Becky and Paul have a strong and loving relationship and because of that, they are able to project that outwardly to the clients whom they serve and the community they are a part of. I had a great visit with both of them and walked away inspired by their passion for what they do and their love for the area.

What do You Love About Living and Working in the Souhegan Valley? 

Both Becky and Paul grew up in Milford and much of their family is still living in the area. They live in the home they purchased when they were first married and Paul’s sister, Jeanette actually works for them! They have established deep roots here and love it. Despite constantly changing times, living here has been a constant for them as well as a stable place their children can always return to and call home, which is a valuable thing! Working with local businesses, they love the diversity and versatility of their clients. They have a fantastic job; they are literally helping to help mold the landscape of local businesses by aiding with their brand and overall image.

What do You Like About Being a Part of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce and How Has it Helped Your Business? 

Classic Signs has been a member of the SVCC right from the beginning, and Paul served as the President in the early 90’s. Becky now sits as incoming Chair of the Board of Directors and they are both actively involved in many of the Chamber’s activities and committees. Becky told me she sees the Chamber as an avenue for reciprocity, a way for businesses to serve each other, work with one another, and get to know each other on an individual basis. When I asked how it helped their business, Paul joked that every time he goes to a Chamber event, he walks away with a new order to fill!

Be sure to check out their website’s gallery and you will see a lot of familiar “faces”!

Vinyl roll colors





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