Over the River and Through the Woods…


To grandmother’s house you go. Or perhaps to the cottage that was chosen by Elizabeth Orton as the model for the illustrations in Little Red Riding Hood (Little Golden Books, 1948)….

Since 1786, this quaint little red cottage has been nestled in Mason, New Hampshire and now serves as a mecca for gardeners, foodies, and anyone who enjoys inspiration, relaxation, and an entirely unique experience.


Pickity Place is located in Mason, New Hampshire and is at the end of a dirt road. It was quite literally “over the river and through the woods” for me, as Mason is my neighboring town (I live in Temple).


This week, I met with Keith and Kim Grimes, the owners of the Pickity Place to hear all about their scrumptious establishment and what makes it such a truly special gem of the Souhegan Valley.

Prior to becoming the chef and owner of Pickity Place, Keith trained at Johnson and Wales. He answered an ad in the newspaper and began working as a chef at Pickity Place, giving up a long commute to Boston to work there. Kim and Keith purchased Pickity Place from the previous owners in 2000. The restaurant has been evolving upwards ever since! Keith utilizes herbs grown on the property in creating in his gorgeous, seasonally-inspired menus. The restaurant prints it’s menus six months in advance and offers it’s diners a simple, yet exquisite opportunity to taste things that they may not have otherwise chosen! Dishes are garnished artfully with flowers and herbs and are each a masterpiece on a plate (or in a bowl). Diners are also welcome to visit the gift shop and walk the grounds to complete their experience. The gift shop was full of great finds like ready-made spice and herb mixes, jewelry, unique NH finds, gifts for children, and so much more! There is also a greenhouse where you can buy potted herbs and a Christmas shop with seasonally-apropos finds.

They have been members of the Chamber of Commerce for two years now and look forward to meeting more of their fellow Chamber members and welcome them in for the dining experience with open arms.


Kim told me what she loves most about the Souhegan Valley is how friendly and neighborly everyone is! She also loves the proximity to both the Monadnock region and the Souhegan Valley with their location. And, for the most part, anywhere you are in New Hampshire, feels like “Over the mountain and through the woods”!

Kim also told me that they have employed, at one time or another, all of their children and even some of their employees’ children! It’s a multi-generational, family-focused business and the passion for what they do shines through with their every word!

My recommendation is to get your basket and red shawl, bring your biggest eyes, ears, paws, and teeth with you when you make a visit to the Pickity Place –all the better to see, hear, feel, and eat all that this straight-from-a-storybook destination has to offer!

November Menu: 

Dip – Herb Crusted Cheese and Heritage Crackers

Soup – Cauliflower, Curry, and Toasted Coconut

Salad – Autumn Greens with Cape Cod Cranberry Vinaigrette

Bread – Buttery French Herbed Croissants

Entree Options – Chicken Saltimbocca or Autumn Vegetable Stew

Side -Decided Daily

Dessert- Appalachian Wedding Cake

Visit their website and see all of their upcoming menus HERE 


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