Holiday Survival – 5 Tips to Sanity

Nine days into November, I am quickly realizing how fast the holidays are going to sneak up on us. The chill has already set into the New Hampshire air and I am dreaming of a turkey dinner, a season of warm fires, and all the holiday cheer that is soon to be everywhere. For small businesses, sometimes this season can be especially frightful (rather than delightful) as we may find ourselves racing to get our own holiday tasks done while helping our  valued clients do the same. This week, I am taking a break (Coming soon: Pickety Place, out-of-the-box gift ideas, and meeting some of our newest members) from the usual interview to instead help us get through the hustle and bustle with a smile with these 5 tips: 

  1. The Best Way to avoid stress during the holidays is to take care of your own personal holiday-related errands BEFORE Thanksgiving. Yes, this includes your gift shopping list. When you don’t have all of that to worry about, you can better focus on helping your customers and their frenzied-gift-seeking needs.
  2. Wear Comfortable Shoes while on the job. Save the cute shoes for the holiday parties and galas and make sure to wear comfortable shoes or boots when you have a big work day ahead. Your feet, neck, legs, and back will thank you!
  3. Give Everyone Your Best Self. Remember, while you may be dealing with hundreds of people at one time during the holidays, each of those people is only dealing with you ONCE. Be sure to give that person a a good experience and make a positive impression. People are often stressed out during this time and can be rude or inconsiderate, remember not to take it personally. Pause, Breathe, Smile.
  4. Look For Ways to Collaborate with Others. One thing I truly love about this season is how it brings a lot of us together to cooperate in ways that we may not normally. Can you work together with another local business to offer a promo, special service, or event? This is a great time to work with your local community partners to share some of the awesome resources you both offer!
  5. Stay Positive and remember to treat everyone with respect, patience. A positive word and a smile can rub off on someone and they will in turn, pass it along! Spread cheerfulness and reap the many rewards!

Shopping Family.jpg


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