The Fruits of Labor

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a Happy Labor Day vacation and is starting to enjoy as summer begins it’s slow wind down. I hope you are all getting ample time to sit out on your porches, patios, and soak up the last bit of summery sunshine.

That is exactly what I did on this week’s Tuesday on the Town in the gorgeous front yard of this week’s Tuesday on the Towner, Dave Quigley of King Street Vineyards.  Lest you think I was just using this week’s blog as a reason to sip wine, Dave does a whole lot more than his name implies!

Dave started King Street Vineyards six years ago as a fun business plan for retirement. He has been practicing the art of growing delicious fruits for over twenty five years and one day it struck him that there were not many local resources for helping homeowners who want to begin the experience of growing their own edible landscapes! He decided to launch his business as a way to help others know the best practices, as well as do’s and don’ts of the craft. Dave also works full-time and offers appointment-based services.

Dave supports homeowners who want to begin the experience of growing delicious fruit. 

In addition to consulting and education, Dave offers: wine-making classes, granite fire pits, custom-made pergolas, fruit trees and bushes, tasting dinners, and more! His mission is to help you create the landscape of your dreams, right in your backyard, helping you make your beloved property even better!

Dave has lived in the Souhegan Valley for forty years and had great things to say about how much he enjoys living and working here! He loves the school system, he loves the ample amount of exercise that living here allows for. Dave is a biker and has plotted out trails going in every direction where he can unplug, pedal, and enjoy rural scenic rides. He also loves the history he has built living here. Dave told me that when he goes to the grocery store, he is always bumping into folks that he knows and it’s a welcoming, friendly community to live in. I agree with him 100%. The Souhegan Valley is indeed a close knit community where everyone knows your name! 

Dave joined the Chamber last year and since then has hosted a Chamber After Hours mixer where we were all introduced to the many things that he is up to! We talked about how great it is as you start to get to know other business owners and members of your community and how enjoyable it is to work with other local businesses for products and services –a huge benefit of being a Chamber member!

I always like to end with a fun fact, and Dave gave me one unknowingly. I am terrified of bees, hornets, and all other stinging, flying insects, so I asked him how many times he had been stung. Dave is allergic to bees and was once stung over eighteen times while nearly hugging a nest. Needless to say, he was rushed to the hospital and now carries an Epi-Pen.

Dave wants the community to know that you can grow delicious grapes and make delicious wine from New Hampshire grapes! And if you’re curious as to how, Dave is the man to ask!




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