And Sew You Have It…

This week, I took a drive to South River Road in Bedford to meet with Jane Buck of EmbroidMe. I expected to see a team of tired employees sewing furiously away t-shirt after t-shirt, reminiscent of cross-stitching. But, what I saw was an incredible operation able to sew custom logos and lettering onto just about any fabric you can imagine!

EmbroidMe is a promotional marketing company that creates customized products to help your business achieve awesome results. The goal of promotional products is to help amplify your brand. Amplifying is exactly what they do by offering things that businesses can hand out as a way to help make the brand memorable (for example, the pens you always steal from the bank…). They also create uniformity amongst employees and contractors with apparel and help prepare businesses for special events like trade shows.

Some of the items they offer are: pens, mugs, car magnets, memo pads, t-shirts, jackets, hats, duffel bags, and so much more! The showroom was a flurry of beautiful eye-catching colors and apparel for everybody of every shape and size.


Jane Buck, a self-acclaimed marketing goddess, works for EmbroidMe in their sales department and networks regularly, as she meets new clients and stays up-to-date with the community. She loves her job because she is inherently extroverted and loves to help businesses grow. She gets to meet about 25-30 new people a day and can be found either introducing herself door to door, via telephone, or out and about at a local networking event. In my opinion, Jane Buck is the human version of “LinkedIn”.

So, Jane….

What Do You Love Most About Living in the Souhegan Valley?

To this question, Jane exuberantly responded, “Everyone is nice!” She loves that so many people know each other and it is such a tight-knit community that is very supportive of one another and local, small business.

What Do You Enjoy Most about the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce and How Has it Helped Your Business? 

EmbroidMe is part of four local Chambers and Jane loves that the Souhegan Valley Chamber allows her to meet regularly with community members and really get to know the businesses that she is helping! She believes in promoting her and connecting with others whenever possible and the Souhegan Valley Chamber provides ample opportunity along with regularity.

Fun Fact Time! Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You. 

Jane is a lot of fun and “sew it goes” that she has a lot of fun facts! She first told me that she has 16 aunts and uncles, on her father’s side alone! Both of her grandfather’s are 6 ft. 6 inches tall, which explains where Jane gets her height. She confessed to me that a game she commonly plays at networking events is to try to locate someone in the room that is taller than her. Jane lives in Nashua and works in the Souhegan Valley.

Jane was a delight to visit at EmbroidMe and I hope you will go check out their showroom in Bedford, as well as look for Jane (usually the tallest one in the room) at the next Souhegan Valley Chamber networking event you attend!

Hard at Work Printing T-Shirts with a Custom Logo 

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