I had no idea what to expect when I stepped through the doors of Creative Ventures  in Amherst, NH. What I encountered was a relaxing environment where local artists have come to collaborate. Open since July of 2015, Creative Ventures Gallery provides both a working space for local artists, as well as a viewing gallery where they display there work. The gallery is open to the public and allows a forum perfect for meeting with and talking with the individual artists. In addition to the group of professional artists who work and display their art in the space, Creative Ventures is also home to art classes for adults and children alike.

On Tuesday, when I went to go meet owner, Betsy Craumer, there was a class taking place while we chatted and the entire building is adorned with a lovely array of art featuring oils, pastels, watercolors, acrylics, and more. Stained glass works, as well as pottery pieces also caught my eye. This is truly a place where creativity and beauty have collided, and we, the lucky public of Southern New Hampshire get to reap the rewards.

So, now, let’s have a few words with Betsy Craumer and see what she has to say. Betsy is a landscape artist who enjoys working with pastels. She was a special ed aide in schools, and also raised two children prior to being able to delve back into her passion of art. Many of her pieces focus on the co-existence of New Englanders with nature. Prior to living in New Hampshire, she lived in Illinois.


What Do You Like About Living in the Souhegan Valley? 

Betsy lives in Bedford and says that she loves the opportunity that artists have in this community; she is able to be quite a pioneer in her work. People in the area also are very open-minded and seem to be very connected, both to each other as well as to nature. These types of connections often come to light as Betsy talks with people, discussing the works, or simply learning more about them.

What Do You Enjoy Most about the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce? 

Betsy says that the Chamber is always willing to help it’s members in any way that they are able; they provide a smooth way for businesses to partner together and they do an excellent job of promoting events and local business as a whole.

What’s Coming Up at Creative Ventures? 

I am very interested, personally, in taking an art class at Creative Ventures; I am by no means an artist yet, but if Pablo Picasso can do it, so can I! They do a great job of updating their website and Facebook page to show upcoming classes. In addition to fabulous art classes, Creative Ventures is also a part of NH Open Doors Tour which takes place May 6-7th, 2017. It is an opportunity for studios to open their doors to the public statewide, and offers an extremely a fun weekend for all!

Creative Ventures also has a wonderful opportunity for local businesses and offices called the Creative Ventures pARTnership Program. This allows you to fill your space with original artwork on a no-fee loan basis. You can hang the art according to theme, or medium or color –offering your business new light and imaginative potential. The artwork can be changed out at your convenience.

Whether you enjoy holding the paintbrush, or simply admiring the work of those who do, you will enjoy checking out Creative Ventures in Amherst!


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