More than Just a Hi-Ya!

This Tuesday, I had the opportunity to meet with one of our newest members –Jim Peacock of Amherst Karate Studio. He just joined the Chamber of Commerce this past week and is anxious to share about his studio as well as his passion for doing business in the Souhegan Valley.

IMG_4642Jim Peacock’s karate school, Amherst Karate Studio , was established in 1991 as an after school program in Mont Vernon. They then relocated the school in March of 2015 to Salzburg Square in Amherst, NH. Open 26 years in June of this year (2017), Jim’s school is thriving and he has never once looked back! Meet Jim Peacock…

Jim Peacock is a lifelong martial artist and has practiced over 35 years. He has a 7th degree black belt in American Kenpo and follows Ed Parker’s system of American Kenpo. Now here is a fun fact: Ed Parker trained Jim Peacock’s teacher (Steve White of Manchester, NH) and Ed Parker helped Bruce Lee gain national attention in Hollywood! This karate family tree has some major stars!

Classes offered at Amherst Karate include Karate for children and adults, Judo, Weaponry and Grappling, and Civilian Self-Defense. Jim loves martial arts because he gets to use his work to make huge impacts on the lives of students and their parents. Some of the many benefits of learning these skills include: Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem, Goal-Setting, and Accountability. His students often span multiple generations. Jim’s passion for changing lives and helping individuals to reach their fullest potential using martial arts as a vehicle for success is quite apparent in a conversation with him.

What Do You Love About Doing Business and Living in the Souhegan Valley? 

Jim has lived in Milford, Mont Vernon, and Weare. He has been a New Hampshire resident his entire life and says he loves to be able to call this place his home. He loves the spirit of a small town and the camaraderie as everyone pulls together to help one another. He also enjoys being able to give back to the community that he grew up in each and every day.

What Do You Look Forward to with Your Membership of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce? 

Jim wants to be able to offer his services to Chamber members and also looks forward to having a constant presence in the region. He believes that a business needs to have a powerful “Why” and loves to share that vision and passion with others. He has a love for marketing and is excited to embark in new marketing opportunities with his Chamber membership.

Fun Fact Time! 

Jim says he has never had a career that feels less like work! He loves coming to work and is grateful everyday to have a job he loves. He has three children, who were all raised in the karate studio, and has lived in Weare, NH for 21 years.

Jim is in the process of organizing a day of local shopping in Salzburg Square which he hopes will help to further introduce Amherst (and surrounding towns) citizens to all of the great resources that the Souhegan Valley has to offer! You can stay posted on this event and check out what other happenings by visiting Amherst Karate’s Facebook page. 

Waiting Area for Parents, Complete with Coffee and Wi-Fi

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