Who You Gonna’ Call?

If you’re “…seein’ things runnin’ thru your head…” I recommend calling either the Ghostbusters, the doctor, or a qualified psychiatrist. However, if you have virtually any question about our lovely Souhegan Valley, where to find what, or who to talk to solve a problem…

You had better call Tracy Hutchins and Beth Boggis at the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce. One thing that is always extremely apparent to me when I interact with Tracy or Beth is that their job is far more than just a job –they are truly passionate about the community, each and every individual Chamber member, and what they are doing through the Chamber to offer support and resources.

I had so much fun chatting with Tracy (President) and Beth (Operations Manager) about their work at the Chamber. As members, we are extremely lucky to have them offering their skills of advocacy and exceptional passion for a strong community built on genuine interactions.

How Did You Find Yourself in Your Current Position? 

Beth has worked for the Chamber for four years and found the position in applying to a newspaper ad. She was elated when she got a phone call offering her a position at the Chamber. What does an Operations Manager do? Everything from member relations and customer service, financial management such as invoicing and billing, to event coordination. In addition to her work at the Chamber, she also is the Treasurer of the Association for the Brookline Fire Department.

The Chamber is the fourth organization for which Tracy has been the Director. She began three years ago at the Souhegan Valley Chamber and has worked in non-profits for 23 years. As President, her job involves looking for new members, updating social media, coordinating events, sponsorships, public relations, and regular communication with members.

What Exactly Does the Chamber Do?

The Chamber helps to make individuals aware of the activities, services and businesses available in our area, in order to help stimulate the local economy, and enhance, support and promote the prosperity of its members. For businesses, the Chamber is here to support them as members offering programs for networking, education, events, and expos. The Chamber is seeking for overall economic development of our region and also offers programs that focus on women’s leadership, regional economic issues, and a roundtable for nonprofits to increase their connectivity and assist in ways that they can help promote and support these nonprofits. The Chamber is here so that we as a community can prosper. 

What Do You Love About Living and Working in the Souhegan Valley? 

Tracy has lived here since 1989, and has raised two daughters in the Souhegan Valley. She loves the volunteerism that she sees here on a regular basis and the eagerness that residents have to get involved and to get to know one another.

Beth has lived in Brookline since 1995 and values the small town feel, the community, and the fact that everyone is always there for one another. She also enjoys shopping local!

What Do You Like About Working with and Supporting the Members of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce? 

Tracy and Beth have a true passion for the members of the Chamber and genuinely want to see it’s members do well in their businesses. There is a certain pride that Tracy says they feel when members succeed and grow. The love providing the tools to launch, offering their brainstorming resources, and love to help people. Tracy and Beth are true advocates for the members and businesses of this community; they provide so many resources from visibility, to connections, to leads, to networking opportunities.

Fun Facts!

Both dog lovers, Tracy has a Terrier Beagle mix named Cooper and Beth has a cute boxer named George. Beth also shared with me that she is an identical twin and likes scrapbooking.

Beth and Tracy were wonderful to talk to and share with –I enjoyed visiting them so much and I encourage you to stop in as well. Their passion shines through in every conversation and there are so many fabulous resources to be had that they are excited to share with you!

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