A Stella Tuesday.

I think April Fool’s has come early and March is playing tricks on us. It’s supposed to be “In like a lion, out like a lamb,” but instead, we got lovely nearly t-shirt worthy weather followed by the second bombogensis of the winter. There is still time for it to leave like a lamb, fingers crossed for that. This week, I had to move around all of Tuesday appointments, and instead pick up Ye Olde Shovel for a date flurry full of snow removal.

When I was done and warming my freezing appendages by the fire, I got to thinking about how my Tuesday on the Town blog was completely foiled this week. Not to be outdone by storm Stella, I decided this week I would feature…MYSELF! I am a small business owner in the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce after all and I hope you’ll enjoy this little break from the norm as I was at the mercy of a storm.


I own Tucked in Organics which is an organic mattress and natural bedding store located in Salzburg Square in Amherst. People often raise an eyebrow when I tell them what I do thinking perhaps I sell mattresses made of hay or straw, so let me explain. All of the mattresses sold in the US are required by law to contain a flame retardant component. I’m not sure how many people still smoke in bed or have flaming candelabras hanging above their beds these days, but that’s the law. A lot of these flame retardants are highly chemical and often times, can be toxic. In addition the flame retardants, the foam in mattresses (and other unnamed components) comes from petroleum, polyurethanes, formaldehyde and more. The flame retardants used in an organic mattress is wool, and the materials are all derived from trees! Since your mattress is where you SHOULD be spending a rather large portion of your life (1/3 to be exact), it’s important to make sure that what you are breathing in is nice clean, restorative air rather than toxins. I actually got into this business about five years ago after having a severe skin and headache reaction to a new mattress. My husband, Jason, and I started Tucked in Organics in November 2014 and we have not looked back since! I feel so good about the durability, customization, and health benefits of what I sell. Every products is one that I feel good standing behind (and of course, laying on).

What Do I Like About Doing Business and Living in the Souhegan Valley? 

All of it!!! We actually enjoyed a short bout of living down south in North Carolina (Jason lived there once and I have lived there twice) and I think when we moved back home, we were so anxious that the gas pedal on the Uhaul was to the floor the entire way! All joking aside, I love that wherever I go, I bump into someone I know. I see people from when I was growing up, and everyone knows everyone else. It’s a small town feel with that unified understanding that while we must endure the coldest of colds, we also have the beauty of four seasons and a proximity to some of the very best things life has to offer –whether you like the great outdoors or shopping….or BOTH!

What Do I Enjoy About Being a Souhegan Valley Chamber Member? How Has it Helped My Business? 

I have been in the Chamber now since we opened our business and have personally had the opportunity to sit down with the ever-resourceful, Tracy, and brainstorm ideas about how to bring excitement and growth to my business. We also got to host an After Hours here with Covellite Holistics, which was a lot of fun and a great opportunity. She is a huge proponent of joint ventures, as am I. I really love the collaboration that can take place when you’re a part of an organization like the Chamber. Some of my favorite events include Business After Hours, the Awards Banquet for the Best of Souhegan and the Souhegan Expo all of which I participate in as much as possible. They offer ample opportunities to members, as well as constant support.  I think that is KEY to really enjoying the Chamber, getting involved any way that you can and taking advantage of what they have to offer. What I have really been LOVING is getting to know individuals in the community as I interview people for this blog! So many great stories and personalities are behind each and every local business in our Chamber.

What Do I Want the Community to Know About You? 

I think I have already given you quite a bit about me, but I will say that I happen to own one of the world’s most adorable dogs and I will tell you about him. His name is Clyde and we adopted him when he was two. He enjoys chasing squirrels, eating carrots and kale while I’m cutting them for dinner, devouring sticks whole, ruining our perfectly snow-plowed snowbanks by running through them and of course, snuggling. He is deathly afraid of his own shadow, the UPS man, and the wind blowing. He also makes a great mascot for my business and is frequently featured sleeping on my Facebook page 🙂

As always, thanks for reading and please tune in next week when we will return to our usually scheduled program.


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