Cash is King, Plastic is Priceless

If you’re a small business owner, you know the world of credit cards and fees is a confusing and daunting place. You also may not know the difference between your credit card processor and your reseller and how your rates are affected. “Cash is king,” the saying goes, but in today’s world, many of us rely heavily on cold, hard, plastic to run transactions. That’s why, this week, I interviewed Richard Dye of Heartland Payment Systems –a direct processor who is committed to providing you the best of service, a clear understanding of what is going on, and a local community member to explain it all!

Here is a fun video about the head-spinning that one may go through when trying to accept credit card payments from their customers. 

Meet Richard Dye of Heartland Payment Services, putting a friendly neighborhood face and a whole lot of knowledge, into credit card processing!


About Heartland

Heartland Payment Systems was started in 1997 by Bob Carr (accompanying Richard in above photo), previously a software engineer. He believed that while our credit cards themselves come in fancy colors, the way merchants interact with the credit card process should be black and white. He developed the Merchant Bill of Rights which promotes fair credit, debit and prepaid card processing practices on behalf of owners of small and mid-sized businesses. It calls for clear and straightforward presentation of card processing costs so that merchants can honestly asses which processor will best meet their needs.

An example of one of these rights is:

#2 The Right to know all Visa and Mastercard fee reductions

There are only 12 direct processors of credit cards in the US, and over 2,000 resellers. Heartland is a direct processor and works with small to large businesses and offer a high level of security throughout the transaction process. Richard told me he can also provide solutions for national chains, school systems, and towns or municipalities.

So, let’s put a face to the man behind the sometimes-foggy credit card curtain and find out what Richard Dye had to say:

What Do You Like Most About Living in and Doing Business in the Souhegan Valley? 

Richard likes that in Southern NH we are proximate to nearly everything –cities, mountains, lakes, oceans, beaches, you name it! You can enjoy a nice suburban environment with a lot of privacy and serenity. He also loves working with local small business owners to help them reduce their costs and improve local business and community.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being Part of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce? 

Richard said that being part of the Chamber has helped him to get to know people outside of the everyday work environments. The events offer a casual and social way to network and interact with people multiple times. People love doing business with those we know and trust and the Chamber offers the perfect environment for the facilitation and growth of these relationships.

About Richard Dye


Richard moved to New Hampshire in 1990 and worked in the computer graphics field prior to joining Heartland Payment Systems. He worked in different sales jobs, including for other credit card processors and was always being “beat” by Heartland’s promise of customer service and low fees. So, he said, “If you can’t beat em’, join em’!” and started with Heartland Payment Systems, happy to be a part of an ethical company that was able to provide honesty and full disclosure to merchants.

Richard’s love for the visual arts has gone from computer graphics to now his hobbies of photography, painting, and drawing. His favorite things to recreate are seascapes, birds, and landscapes. He also enjoys golf and sports. He lives in Amherst, has two children, and a Norwegian Elkhound named “Emma”.


Painted in May 2014, English 18th Century Tall ship sailing towards a sunrise.

Next time you see Richard at a Chamber Networking event, be sure to ask him if he can help your business make sense of the credit card processing confusion! 

“We will help businesses prosper by providing them with effective solutions in a fair, honest and transparent manner.”

– Bob Carr, Heartland’s Founder (1997)


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