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New England is covered in snow, yet again, and I am anxiously waiting for the opportunity to start my Spring Cleaning. Doors open, all the cleaning tools at my disposal, no holds barred. Do you ever wish you could Spring Clean your business’ professional look? Spruce up your cards or in store literature? Make your brochures just a little more eye-catching? Look no further…

They specialize in custom printing, and when it comes to originality, they are second to none! Meet Ben Jalbert, owner of The Copy Shop in Amherst, New Hampshire. The Copy Shop was born in 1972, when his father ran the business.

What’s with the poker chips (pictured below)? Just one of the many awesome promo items that The Copy Shop can help you design and print to help make your brand memorable and ensure that maximum reach.

The Copy Shop offers: Design (including Logo Design by their Graphic Designer, Artie), Digital Color Printing, One and Two Color Offset, Pantone Inks, UV Ink Jet Printing for Promo Products, Laminating, and Finishing.

They take pride in their high-quality work and are regularly upgrading their equipment to stay current and up-to-date (they certainly don’t just want to be a carbon copy of everyone else :)).


I had a really awesome time visiting the Copy Shop’s operation and seeing the many high-quality copies soaring through machines like magic, right before my very eyes. For those of you still painstakingly handwriting your contact information each and every time you hand it out…. here is your solution!

Read what Jen Crook (Ben’s sister in charge of Outside Sales) had to say when I sat down with her to talk about her local business:

What Do You Enjoy Most About Living and Working in the Souhegan Valley. 

Jen and Ben grew up in Amherst and she says she feels a strong sense of community here. She loves the people and enjoys meeting new ones as well. She has spent many years behind the counter and at community events, as well as volunteering, so she is always inspired by the many friendly faces.

Fun Fact Time!

A fun and little known fact about The Copy Shop is that in 1972, at the age of 27, their Dad Frank Jalbert had the ambition to publish a New Hampshire magazine. Like many entrepreneurs before him, he jumped right in and never looked back. Frank purchased all the equipment needed to create and print the magazine without even knowing how to operate it. He put in countless hours teaching himself all he needed to know. His first issue of The New Hampshire Reader was published in November of that year. Shortly after, he made the decision to branch out and print materials for other companies. By 1988, The Copy Shop grew to 7 locations between NH and Massachusetts-providing a variety of copying and printing options to their customers.


At the Copy Shop, they take pride in quality, customer service and quick turn-around times. They offer quotes for printing and other services and Jen said she will even make it easy for local business owners and meet them right at their own office locations!

Ben can be reached at or by calling: 603-882-9111

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