The Passionate Professional

You’re about to hear a confession…

I have worked more jobs than I am years of age! I attribute the unbalanced number to a youth that was chalk full of geographical transitions, mood swings, and a whole lot of professional re-analysis. One of my favorite jobs, was working for Dr. Jenny Bruck at Spinal Corrective Center (twice actually –and no, I’m not counting that as two jobs).

This week, I got to speak with her and was newly in awe of how she brings such a zeal and passion to her life and her work.

About to celebrate her 20-Year Anniversary of her own Chiropractic practice in Amherst, New Hampshire….

Unroll the red carpet for….Jenny Bruck of Spinal Corrective Center!


Spinal Corrective Center is much more than just a place to care for your spine, it is also a Vitality Studio, with an emphasis on empowering families in the Souhegan Valley to live better, and experience optimal function. Dr. Jenny is accompanied by an office staff of four, two massage therapists, and a second Chiropractor. With 90% of their practice members being patients of over three years or more (because they value wellness and ongoing health) and 40% being pediatric patients (prevention, they serve the community in a wellness center of 3,800 square feet and out of that space are able to offer:

If you want to live a better life, this is a great place to start!

In addition to a lively chiropractic practice, Dr. Jenny Bruck has also written a book, 52 Vitality Tools: Daily Habits to Build Your Bounce records a podcast called “For the Health of It”, and offers live video tools for healthy lifestyle on YouTube. If that wasn’t enough, she also offers her professional speaking skills for health workshops and customer service workshops in local businesses, schools, etc.

Now, what does Dr. Jenny have to say about us, her local community?

What Do You Love Most About Doing Business and Living in the Souhegan Valley? 

Just walking distance from the Milford Oval, and having been born and raised in Iowa where corn and cows were pretty much all there was –Dr. Jenny says she enjoys all that there is to do around here! You can easily access mountains, beach, cities, and more. She also says that in her job, she gets to see (and loves) a lot of health-focused individuals who are really trying to do the best for themselves and for their family. There is a great community of self-educated, highly motivated individuals who are learning that the body is actually meant to heal and function at it’s very best! She also loves that this is an area where small businesses are booming and it’s easy to shop local; most everything one needs is available and accessible all by shopping small and local (something we agreed about very very much!).

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Part of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce? 

When she was first starting her business, Dr. Jenny relied heavily on the many networking and business-building opportunities provided through the Chamber. Now, as she enters a new phase of growth, she loves that it is a very organized way to meet members of the community. Being a Chamber member also brings a natural reputability to one’s business that her patients appreciate!

Fun Facts: What Have You Got?! 

  1. Spinal Corrective Center has a hamburger in their office that just turned 7 years old 16299487_10154981757339812_2398605789955394825_nFebruary 1st! It hasn’t aged a bit, has no mold, and doesn’t smell at all! If that doesn’t attest to some powerful chemicals keeping it preserved through the years, I don’t know what does! Yum 🙂
  2. Dr. Jenny owned her first business (Jennifer Bruck School of Gymnastics) when she was 19 years old! Her dad always encouraged her to learn about running a small business and even made her do her 10 employee payroll by hand. When she finished graduate school, she sold the business and uses many of those valuable lessons still today. 

Are you searching for more Vitality in your life? Enter through the door of Spinal Corrective Center and prepare for better function and optimal health! 

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