A Wintery Mix

Thanks to an unpredictable rain/snow/sleet mix scheduled to hit the roads yesterday, I opted to not hit the road, lest I hit something, and instead stayed home and shoveled my walkway and porch until it was pristine. I’m not sure if this happens to any of you after shoveling, when I was done, I quickly experienced the post-snow-shoveling backache, calf ache, hip ache, head ache, etc. etc. This got me thinking of who I could go see to help me remedy the many problems and ailments that winter brings along with it’s beautiful snowy landscapes. So, I thought this week, I would share with you some of the fantastic resources in the community and how they can help you get through the winter without flaking out.


  1. Let’s start by getting to the point…. Many people may be surprised to know that Acupuncture can actually help with the aches and pains that can often accompany heavy lifting, wood-stacking, and the more fun winter activities like skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating. If any of these sound like what you’ve been dealing with, go see Paul Mosier at Amherst Wellness Center to help you get through the winter! And don’t forget to schedule a deep tissue massage with his lovey wife, Nicole, while you’re there.
  2. Save the Snow Removal for the Pros! Here is an idea, don’t be like me and spend your entire day shoveling, only to have the snowflakes cover up all your handiwork and leave you having to do it all over again…call in the professionals! There are several landscaping and snow removal companies in the Souhegan Chamber of Commerce. Check out Absolute Exteriors and save yourself the slipping and sliding and feel good about where your money is going; Absolute Exteriors donates their profits to the Addiction Recovery Coalition which helps those with drug and alcohol-related issues.
  3. It Isn’t New Hampshire Winter Without Maple Syrup: One of my personal favorite flavors of New Hampshire is that of a deliciously fresh and pure Maple Syrup. If you are looking for a delicious way to enjoy New Hampshire’s own products AND a great atmosphere, look no further than Parker’s Maple Barn. A quintessential and warming winter activity for the whole family!
  4. What Not To Wear. Knowing what to wear during a New Hampshire winter can be the key to thriving or merely surviving. That’s why you need to go visit Outfitters by Chappell Tractor where you will find the warmest seasonal accessories, footwear, and clothing, for men and women.
  5. Get in Gear. The difference between last winter and this winter, for me, is that last year I was driving a boat with no snow tires and this year I have a Subaru! Thanks to Four Wheel Drive, my confidence level with driving (when I have to) on snowy, icy days is back to a healthier place. This is all thanks to our friendly Milford Subaru who helped us figure out exactly which car was right for our needs!download
  6. And then….after you get yourself a car that does not fear the snow, you can head on over to HPM Insurance (stay tuned for their debut next week) and get it fully covered, just in case someone else doesn’t have a car that handles the snow like yours does 🙂 Be sure to tell them I sent you!

If you ever do need to be steered in the right direction, there are so many resources in the Chamber for helping us get through the winter and meeting our needs from heating, keeping your power on strong with a new generator, stocking up on supplies, and much much more! Check out the Member Directory to find who can help keep you smiling and enjoying all that New Hampshire winters have to offer!

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