There’s a Vac for That!

Dog hair, human hair, dust, sand, glitter from an after school project…. there’s a vac for that! Sue and Bob at Sue and Bob’s Vacuum and Sewing Machine Center in Milford, NH are out to educate you on all the things that don’t “suck” (pun intended) about the vacuums they offer. They have an array of brands and models from: Miele, Panasonic, Fuller Brush, Electrolux, Sanicare, Eureka. In addition to a wide range of vacuums that help do the dirty work, they also sell bags and belts, central vacuum systems, parts, and service! Cleaning up isn’t their only passion, there is sew much more! They also offer in-house sewing machine repair and vacuum repair! You don’t to worry about being a squeaky wheel, Bob loves what he does and helping out his customers with integrity and great service.

Prior to visiting their store, I read some of their rave reviews on Yelp and so I knew I was in for meeting a fun couple with a lot of knowledge about their products and all the bells and whistles. I was not let down!

Sue and Bob purchased the shoppe back in 2006 from Bob’s cousin but it’s been in business  and sweeping up the dust bunnies since 1976, originally Irwin Sew and Vac.


What Do You Like Most about Doing Business and Living in the Souhegan Valley? 

Sue and Bob live in Milford and enjoy how nice the people are in the Souhegan Valley! They also mentioned some of the restaurants they like and find top-notch: Mi Jalisco and Milford Seafood.

What Do You Like Most about Being a Member of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce and how has it Helped Your Business? 

Sue answered this one! She said the Chamber offers a lot of great networking tools for local business owners. They are also really superior at offering community support.

What Are Your Hobbies? 

On the side, Sue also does photography (she loves snapping shots of hummingbirds best), and quilting. The quilting goes hand in hand with what they offer in the store and she is often able to work on quilts while she is there. She showed me many of them and shared with me that she often donates them to charities (such as the Linus Project).

Next time your vacuum is in stitches instead of cleaning, or your sewing machine is sucking up thread instead of creating a neat hem….bring it in to Sue and Bob’s and they will be sure to have you back up to speed with their excellent knowledge and superior repair service.


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