Who to Call Before You “Sign Here”….

PMI, FHA….it all looks like letters on a “Scrabble” board to me but to Christine Keller of Envoy Mortgage, these letters equate to an opportunity to shine and educate her clients through one of the most important processes while offering superior customer service.

As a recent, first time home buyer, I cannot think of anything that offers better peace of mind than knowing you are in such capable hands.

Keller head shot color.jpgI knocked on the door to Christine Keller’s home office in the tranquil and historic old Wilton Town Center, and the sound that echoed my knocking was an excited series of barks and then the classic sound of doggy paws against the floor, indicative of a race to the door to greet me. “Bear”, Christine’s 2-year old, 100 pound Briard met me first, his fuzzy, exuberant, and adorable face nearly coming up to mine. After he and I got acquainted, he let Christine and I shake hands and she welcomed me into her warm, country home.

Christine brings a unique perspective to the mortgage lending world –she is a Certified Financial Planner and has been in the financial industry for eighteen years. Prior to working for Envoy Mortgage, she worked for Fidelity. Christine decided after 14 years at Fidelity, that she wanted a life that offered her a bit more flexibility for her three children and husband. So, she took her skills and knowledge, and began working for Envoy Mortgage, which is among one of the top  fifty mortgage lenders in the entire country. They are a national lender, with three offices in New Hampshire. Christine works out of the Bedford branch along with 10 other loan officers.

It’s clear that Christine’s mission is to offer superior education and knowledge to her clients who are going through a life-changing and important process. She makes sure to properly advise and help her clients obtain the best mortgage for their individual situation and at the best rate possible.

Christine has been a Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce member since 2013, and she has great things to say about the local community as well as her local chamber:

What Do You Enjoy About Living and Working in the Souhegan Valley? 

Christine has lived in Milford and her husband is actually from Amherst! She said what she enjoys most about the Souhegan Valley is the people and the atmosphere they provide. It “Just feels like home,” Christine says. She loves the four seasons as well as the opportunity she has had to form deep, genuine friendships. I really couldn’t agree with her more and meeting with her just further proved how unique and authentic the people are in this region!

How has the Chamber Helped Your Business and What do You Like Most About it? 

Through the Chamber, Christine said she has met a lot of people and remarks that it’s a very fun group of people, at that! She has been part of the Ambassador Program and is on the board for the Veteran’s Auction, which she finds very rewarding. It was clear to me that Christine has a knack for connecting with others, and it’s not just her that benefits from the Chamber –we also all benefit from having her a part of it!

Fun Fact Time! What do You Want the Community to Know About You? 

Christine spends her free time enjoying the great outdoors with her family: camping,  snowmobiling, and renovating their home. She told me a fantastic story about the purchase of her older home and the revitalizing efforts they have put into it thus far. In addition to three children, Christine also has one dog (Bear, who we met earlier :)), two cats, two parakeets (I met them also and they were quite friendly!) and a fish!



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