I hope you’re having a happy holiday season and are ready to embrace 2017! I know I certainly am, and I am also geared up to make a few powerful changes this year that I think will make for a better version of myself.

While it may be daunting to make resolutions and changes, and especially makes ones that stick, it’s also rewarding. Thankfully, you have a lot of local support and resources here in the Souhegan Valley and for the last blog of 2016, I would like to share with you 10 changes/resolutions you can make that will lead to a happier, healthier life and who in the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce is here to help you do it!

  1. Get Moving – Exercise is quite simply one of the best habits you can get into and Hampshire Hills is the place to do it! Group classes (including yoga, tai chi and pilates), one-on-one fitness instruction, exercise equipment, a swimming pool, and the Hampshire Dome. Commit to get fit and Hampshire Hills will help you make it happen this year! maxresdefault
  2. Get Social – Strong social bonds can help you live a longer life and a more enjoyable one at that! Besides networking with The Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce After Hours and other events, you can also try a Paint and Sip event at Art Happens! Or have fun trying your luck and playing games at the River Casino, or say “Cheers” with friends or family over a glass of wine and some delicious food at LaBelle Winery. wine-cheers.jpg
  3. Eat Healthier –  It can be hard to know where to start and how to make it happen, which is why the folks at Balance Point Natural Medicine have a combination of medical and naturopathic doctors working together to help you on your wellness journey. I also have had personal experience with the wellness programs at Spinal Corrective Center and highly recommend their healthy living workshops and their nutritional support!
  4. Try Something New – It can be hard to break out of our comfort zones and routines, but one of the best ways to challenge yourself and continually grow is to venture into a new endeavor. Always wanted to take a dance class? Check out Kathy Blake’s Dance Studio! Splurge on a new style or new clothes at Pastiche Boutique, or try out a new look at Salon Amalie.
  5. Get Your Head Screwed on Straight – Ever feel like you can’t going in the right direction? Maybe your spine is misaligned! Thankfully, we have great chiropractors in the Chamber that can check you for spinal issues that may be affecting your health and even your brain function! Spinal Corrective Center, Amherst Family Chiropractic, and Balance Point Natural Medicine are all local resources that work with individuals to increase health and vitality and get you out all those funky, topsy-turvy 2016 knots you were tied up in.
  6. Breathe – I know, I know, you have a busy schedule! You’re working, running the kids here, there and everywhere, and trying to balance a personal life to boot! But it’s also important to practice proper self-care and BREATHE. Thankfully, our friend Kathy MacKinnon at Amherst Yoga and Reiki has the solution for you –an entire yoga class where you get to enjoy perks like increased mobility, decreased stress, and time to BREATHE. Warning: You will feel like a million bucks after this so if your resolution was to win the lottery this year, make this your first stop 🙂 Couple of man and woman breathing deep fresh air
  7. Make Your Changes Stick – Did you know that Acupuncture can help you make a lot of positive changes in your life from quitting smoking, to eating healthier, to managing pain and stress!? Try gentle and safe acupuncture with Paul Mosier at Amherst Wellness Center to make the changes you commit to this year last for many a New Year’s Eve ball dropping to come.
  8. Relax… That word can seem like a foreign language to many of us! Which is how you know you need to do it more! How do you relax? A restorative massage from Covellite Holistics, a session of Reflexology with Lindy Brown, or perhaps an overnight getaway from the kids and pets at the Hampton Inn in Nashua or the Timber Post in Hollis.  And while you’re at it, you should relax about your finances too –know your investments are safe with financial services such as Charles Schwab or Edward Jones 
  9. Quit Smoking – Acupuncture can help you make valuable changes in your life and give you the power to change those habits that you wish to. Hypnosis can also be an effective tool as it helps to override the subconscious and reprogram thoughts to help you become who you wish to be. Check out Paul Mosier at Amherst Wellness Center or Scott Babb at Northern Lights Hypnosis and prepare to be entranced and empowered.
  10. Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking – Did you know that 75% of people have a fear of public speaking!? I’ll confess that used to describe me! I joined Toastmaster’s in my early 20’s and it helped me conquer this fear that had my palms sweating and legs shaking every time I had to speak in a public setting. My parents also joined (10 years ago!) and haven’t looked back since, they find it a great way to gain confidence in communicating their message and they also value the social component of it. So if you want to make some new friends and simultaneously learn how to knock those office presentations out of the park, look no further than the Souhegan Speakers and Leadership Club.

These are of course, just a FEW ideas and a FEW of the fantastic local resources that can support your 2017 resolutions. Check out the Chamber’s Member Directory for the full list, and in the meantime…get your own list started of all of the great things you plan to do and accomplish in the new year.



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