Eat. Sleep. Point. Click. Repeat.

I had a certain feeling of anxiety as I drove to meet Marsha Vandermey at her home in Amherst. You see, I had been in her office before…

Marsha was, at one time, my principal (in addition to my drama teacher!) and I did find myself owning up to my adolescent crimes of goofing off on several occasions.

Fortunately, she is gracious and never holds the past against her students, and I suppose it’s also fortunate that my worst escapade was crossing the street without the crossing guard.

When I walked in, she was making some sort of shake-like fruit drink in her NutriBullet which I can only guess is a huge part of the secret recipe for her boundless energy, youthful appearance, and sheer creative genius.

Marsha Vandermey started Harper Point Photography in 2007 with her son, Nathan. They each had a passion for photography and knew that this was the direction they wanted to take. So, they spent two years in their jobs, planning the business and the appropriate continued education. They started with one website, merged together for East Coast and West Coast, and soon were so busy that they were able to launch their own websites while maintaining their mother and son business partnership. They still continue to share the same philosophy. She may have left her work as a high school principal, but Marsha has not left the classroom and is always in school, learning, growing, and improving upon what she knows and is innately good at. She is now a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) which holds members to a high standard of accountability. She offers wedding photography, portraiture, and commercial photography. All the various styles are conducted with an artistic flair, an out-of-the-box approach and the fancy footwork of conceptualizing that I can only dream of!  A multiple award-winning photographer, at state and international levels, here’s a snapshot of what Marsha had to say from her side of the lens. 


What do You Love Most about Living/Working in the Souhegan Valley? 

As I mentioned before, Marsha lives in Amherst; she has been a resident, with her husband, David for twelve years. Marsha said she really loves the environment here, and the easy access to everything. From the view of a photographer, there is plenty of variety as well as challenge. For example, Marsha shared a story with me of a photo shoot she recently did where there was expected to be snow on the ground and it was lacking for a family’s Holiday cards…Marsha quickly thought on her feet and improvised with what scenes they did have. In no time, she had the family laughing and celebrating in a shoot that delivered pictures as quintessential New England as they come. In fact, they were so clever, I have never quite seen any card like it –sure to set them apart from the other cards on their loved ones’ mantles.

front ford.jpg

What do You Enjoy About Being a Member of the Souhegan Chamber of Commerce and How Has it Helped Your Business? 

Marsha has been able to take pictures for several Chamber members, from headshots, to book covers, to commercial shoots, and has been happy to be able to collaborate with many in this way. She has been a member of the Chamber for two years, and has really found the exposure (pun intended) to be valuable. She loves the low-pressure community interacting that she has discovered via her Chamber membership. She often shoots important events for the Chamber including the Vince Wilfork and Malcolm Butler veterans auctions. I’ve also seen her getting folks to say, “Cheese” at the Chamber Expo and Health Fairs. Marsha believes that if she provides a valuable service that could help out her fellow community members –why not offer it!?


What Is a Fun Fact About Yourself that You Would Like to Share? 

I knew this about Marsha, but I had forgotten…

She and her husband LOVE to ride motorcycles!

If you would like to see some of Marsha’s work, it is featured in many local spots including: Moulton’s Market (Amherst, NH), The Black Forest Cafe (Amherst, NH), Family Dental Care of Milford, and the book cover of Lois Herman’s book Spirits of the Amoskeag. 


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