The 12 Chamber Members of Holiday Shopping…

With only twelve days to go shopping, before you have to just rely on whatever Santa is bringing you and yours this year, I thought I would take you all around town this week and show you how to check off every box on your holiday list. Today’s blog is ideas of where you can get gifts for everyone all by shopping local with Chamber Members! Because, spoiler alert, Santa is not real and cannot be relied upon to do your holiday shopping for you 🙂

  1. The Toadstool Bookshop – Located in the Lorden Plaza in Milford, NH, at the Toadstool, you will find a hot cup of coffee and fuel in their cafe to keep you going while you shop. They have books galore, fitting the bill for readers age 1-101!
  2. Everyone loves the opportunity to kick their feet up and relax…. which is why, a gift certificate for a Massage (Covellite Holistics) or Reflexology  (Reflexology for the Sole) make great gifts for those hard workers on your list.
  3. Perhaps one of MY favorite stores to shop at (year-round) is Robin’s Egg, a beautiful antique store where you always walk out the door with a great find! This time of year, they are a great choice for stocking stuffers, gift certificates, holiday decor, ornaments (to have or give), and  eclectic and fun items you can’t find anywhere else (like….adorable pet bow ties for Fido and Fluffy!)15219584_1396585753729014_8160905343278161881_n.jpg
  4. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a new tractor. For the men on your list have been dreaming of that new Kubota, surprise them with a gift certificate to Chappell Tractor where they can shop for snowblowers, generators, and more! Also, don’t forget about Outfitters by Chappell, where you can buy all the proper garb for surviving a winter in New Hampshire. When you win the prize for giving this year’s best gift? You can thank me later.15380547_10154976238736178_6047473877715732833_n.jpg.
  5. WARNING: You may salivate while reading this…because hidden away in Mason, NH is a little-known gem of a restaurant called The Pickity Place. Bringing you back to when life was simple, The Pickity Place is the same enchanting cottage chosen by Elizabeth Orton Jones as the model for her illustrations int he Little Red Riding Hood. Now, it’s a restaurant and shop, where you can find New England bursting through every delicious bite and gift in their shoppe. They have all your foodie friends covered with herbs and spices, drinks like lavender lemonade and cider, and even dip mixes. Gift certificates from their restaurant are also available or treat your out of town guests to a lunch where you are all sure to Big Bad Wolf down your amazing meal!
  6. Shameless plug ALERT: Tucked in Organics also has holiday gifts like baby products, pillows, and other sheets and bedding. Of course, we also have mattresses for the ultimate holiday treat that will be there to tuck you in for many holidays to come! Looking for a gift that will fit under the tree? We also carry smaller items such as handmade, locally-crafted cutting boards, eye masks, and bathrobes. Cutting Board 1 .jpg
  7. Not your typical retail store, Pastiche Boutique is a place you can shop where you will not only feel welcomed, you will also be delighted to find the perfect gift or indulgence for everyone on your list. Apparel, Accessories, Jewelry, Home Decor, Scents, and Eye-Catching Unique Gifts…you have to see it and feel it for yourself to believe it!
  8. Hayward’s Trading Post in Milford, NH has my name all over it this Christmas as I get to go pick out the ultimate pair of boots. In addition to fabulous, quality footwear, they also have blankets, purses, jewelry, and many handpicked gifts that are sure to put Santa’s gifts to shame! I wrote a past blog about Hayward’s you can check out here.
  9. While you’re on the Milford Oval checking out Pastiche Boutique, you may want to also stop into J.M. Princewell, which is also on the Oval, to find an eclectic blend of jewelry, personal accessories, home decor and clothing. They feature many NH-made products proudly!
  10. Ok, I know what you’re thinking! Emily, what about the beer and wine lovers on my list? Not to mention all the beverages I have to purchase for entertaining my guests! Fear not, dear reader, I am about to introduce you to one of our newest and definitely our “brewest” Chamber members, Barley & Hops, in Milford, NH. Located next to the Toadstool Bookshop, they have a treasure trove of beers, wines, and even materials needed to brew-your-own! Got a bachelor on your list who is looking to man-up his bachelor pad –beer chandelier anyone? 15068418_1602819693360597_2523869002822808676_o.jpg
  11. There is nothing like the sweet smell of mulch in the winter to remind you that the other three seasons still exist. But you will find a lot more than just reassuring smells at the Achille/ Agway in Milford, you will find gifts for gardeners, pets (or pet lovers), bird lovers, as well as specialty gifts and stocking stuffers to no one is left in the cold this year! My dog is a big fan of Agway as I always return home with some fabulous treat like T-Rex’s ulna for him to chew on until 2017.
  12. Not your average consignment shop, Double Play Hobby Consignments sells trains, models, die cast vehicles, model rockets, puzzles, board games, playing cards, tin toys, comic books, and more. A variety of new and used items, hard to find collector’s items, and out-of-the box gifts that are more fun than a person should be allowed to have!

There are of course, many other Chamber members that offer other great gifts so be sure to check them all out here:

We encourage you to shop local and support your fellow Chamber community this holiday season!


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