You Aren’t Getting Sleepy…

The word “hypnosis” may conjure up images of swinging pendulums, mesmerizing cartoon characters, and perhaps sideshows where audience members are asked to cluck like a chicken or some other embarrassing activity, but I am here to help you replace some of those images with the facts! Helping you to replace negative thoughts and habits with positive ones is exactly what Scott Babb, owner and NGH Board-Certified Hypnotist at Northern Lights Hypnosis , does best!

I had a really great and absolutely riveting visit with Scott and what became quite apparent to me –quite quickly –was his desire to help people make a change. He told me that it always must be a change that people want to make, he cannot force them to do anything that they do not wish to do. Contrary to common belief, that is not what hypnosis is all about. Hypnosis is actually a very natural state of mind, in fact we do it everyday when we let our subconscious mind take over a routine activity: ie. driving a car on a familiar or repetitive route.

Rather, hypnosis is a powerful way to bypass the conscious barriers we put up to altering subconscious beliefs and feelings that are getting in our way of making positive changes. Once the person believes they would like to make the change necessary, that is when Scott steps in and helps them along the path. Scott uses hypnosis to help people bypass those negative thoughts and emotions that are keeping them stuck in a rut.

  1. Tell Us About You and Your Business: 

Scott Babb has been captivated by the art of hypnosis since he was 16 years old and began learning the power of mental focus as a Black Belt in karate. He opened Northern Lights in 2007 and is the one and only, powerful Oz himself. Though unlike Oz, he is not pulling the curtain over anyone’s eyes –he is instead lifting it and helping people with things like: smoking cessation, anxiety, stress, fears, drug addictions, public speaking, eliminating guilt, weight loss, post-op and pre-op stress reduction, self-esteem, and MUCH MORE!

SCott Babb.jpg

2. What Do You Like Most About Doing Business and Living in the Souhegan Valley? 

Scott has lived in the Midwest, Hawaii, and New Hampshire and has learned something and appreciates something in all three places. However, here in New Hampshire he enjoys that the people here are full of variety and he gets to meet people from all walks of life. He personally helped people from criminals to CEO’s and ranging in age from 10-80!

3. What Do you Enjoy Most About Being a Souhegan Valley Chamber Member and How Has the Chamber Helped Your Business? 

This is a common thread amongst those whom I have interviewed for this blog and Scott was no exception. He loves that the Chamber provides a great way to meet people, they host great events, and he has been a happy member who loves connecting with others. He also gave big kudos to Beth and Tracy and said they are always quick to offer great advice, fresh ideas, and creative suggestions about who to connect with and how. Always helping to promote local business, Scott is very pleased with his membership.


It was easy for me to see that through work and due to his personality, Scott brings out what he calls the “Aloha Spirit” in people –the ability to turn so much of what is fear, negativity, and pain in the world into something light and positive and even empowering.

Scott asked me if I would like to be hypnotized and I decided to go for it! He gave me a confidence-boosting hypnosis session that was very relaxing while at the same time, energizing. The three words that stuck out for me were Capable, Strong, and Confident –definitely words that will help me to get through the busy (and stressful) holiday season. I would tell you all about it, but I really think you need to experience hypnosis for yourself.

Everyone has something that they would like to change or improve about their lives and hypnosis is a great way to help yourself succeed now. When all else has failed….go see Scott at Northern Lights Hypnosis! 

Here I am, preparing to be entranced…

Scott also offers workshops and will show up at your fundraising events for no-cost-upfront! You can contact him at for more information about stress-less fundraising at your venue of choice.


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