From Stress to Success

It only takes skimming all of the testimonials on Covellite Holistics website to find out that they have rave reviews and are praised highly by their ever-growing body of clients. It only took me being in her office for a minute or two before I started to pick up on why, Terri Tuttle, owner of Covellite, is aglow –she is passionate about what she does and loves every minute of it!



Covellite Holistics just recently celebrated it’s third anniversary and is very excited to be entering another new year of serving the community with their individualistic approach to health and wellness. To better get to know more about Covellite, I sat down with Terri and asked her some questions about how she got started…. and more! Terri_Tuttle_NH-LMT_5020M-220h.jpg

Terri is originally from Massachusetts and has spent time living in North Carolina prior to New Hampshire. In her past life, she was a mortgage broker who made a major life shift, did a 180-degree turn, and began coupling her passion of becoming an entrepreneur with her love for health and wellness. Covellite Holistics was born, where Terri’s clients receive massage, infrared sauna, and ionic foot bath services. Terri went from a life of STRESS to doing what she loves, in my opinion –that translates to SUCCESS! She was also successful in another way, which I think is so important to share; when Terri moved to New Hampshire she could count on one hand the number of people she knew. Now she says, “I literally feel like I know everyone!” Terri thanks the connections she has built through the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce and her awesome array of clients. I also noticed that she has a very outgoing personality and likes to get to know more about who she is interacting with. Terri is open-minded and welcoming in her approach to life, which I believe, in speaking with her, shines through in her work with her clients and has been huge in facilitating her rapidly growing social circle.

What Do You Love Most About Doing Business in the Souhegan Valley? 

“The diversity, definitely,” Terri answered without hesitation. She loves the differences in the people she works with and all of the interesting conversations she finds herself in as she learns about them. She also loves that New Hampshire is rich with nature and places to go hiking. She adopted the motto years ago to “Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard” and she lives that out as she goes exploring and adventuring literally EVERYWHERE that she is and with everyone she meets.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Chamber Member? How Has the Chamber Helped Your Business?  

Again without hesitation, Terri declared, “I LOVE being a Chamber Member.” As I mentioned before, when she moved to the area and was first opening her business, Terri knew very few people. That can be challenging for a business owner when they are looking for resources, as well as to connect and promote their business. The Chamber has been hugely beneficial to Terri as a new business owner, and she was able to connect with folks like bookkeepers, attorneys, website designers, marketing gurus, and more –all who helped guide her along as she started her own business and now have built trust so that she can share their value with others as well. Terri also loves how available and supportive Tracy and Beth at the Chamber are. No question is too small and they are always ready to help and support their members via events, promoting, and offering ideas. The Chamber is a network that Terri has come to love and be able to count on.

Night Hike Fun Fact/ Story

Terri loves hiking with her dog, Bella, and told me a story about how she was once hiking and it became nightfall. She only had the light of her cellphone and a vague idea of where she was going to rely on to get her back safely. When she was telling me this story, my jaw dropped. I am quite a “scaredy-cat” as one might say and I admired her bravery and ability to be able to get out of the situation in one piece (technically, two pieces if you count that she got the dog out safely too!). I think my fear alone of being eaten by wild animals would devour me before I actually even had the chance to become their dinner!


Terri works with clients who come in for anything from muscle pain to headaches and she takes a very individual approach with each person. We ended on a very informative note, Terri shared with me some of her philosophy of massage and healing:

“Not all massage is therapeutic. Not all therapeutic massage hurts. And not all pain is therapeutic. However, it is not uncommon to experience what we typically refer to as ‘good’ pain in the process of working on chronic pain conditions. People often have the misconception that either it must hurt to be effective or that a massage should never hurt. There are no absolutes and a person’s sensitivity, as well as the efficacy of the applied technique can vary from one session to the next –even from one area of the body to the next. Communication before, during, and after a massage is key. …At your next massage, be sure to speak up and be specific about your need to have pressure or technique modified. It is YOUR massage after all.”

I had a great time meeting with Terri and hearing more about what she does at Covellite and why. She is so passionate about working with every individual that comes her way and tailors each visit and interaction to those whom she is with. If you’re looking for a refreshing place to heal and get re-energized, I highly recommend Terri at Covellite Holistics -you will be healthier and happier for it!

Be Sure to Get in on Terri’s CYBER MONDAY deal which is 35% OFF Service-Specific Gift Certificates (Limit four per person and excludes already discounted packages). This is a deal you don’t want to miss, so stave off your Turkey and shopping hangovers and give her a call or visit Covellite Holistics at Liberty Park in Amherst!



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