A Jab Well Done!

Despite the fact that I am a grown adult, I am just as petrified of needles as I was when I was a child. To clarify, I have passed out no less than seven times after various blood draws, shots, or just looking at/thinking about other people having such procedures. When they ask for just one little vial of blood, I request the child-size needle, I have to be laying down and have to hum a little happy diddy in my head until it’s all over. If only I could get sedated prior without another needle being involved, I would! Now you’re wondering…what’s the point (pun intended) of this fun fact?

I, the girl who has to prepare mentally for days before a simple TB test, have been to see Paul Mosier at Amherst Wellness Center for acupuncture –without even flinching or batting an eye! In fact, the only part that knocks you off your feet is how RELAXED you feel after acupuncture!

Let me take a stab at telling you more about all of the fabulous things that Paul, and his wife, Nicole are doing for those whom they serve…

Paul Mosier is an Acupuncturist and Hypnotist who along with his wife, Nicole, the Massage Therapist and Health Coach, make up the team of Amherst Wellness Center. They opened in 2011 focusing mainly on home healthcare and now have changed their emphasis and are working more with members of the Souhegan Valley community. They have expanded and grown greatly as time has gone on –both personally and in the practice itself. Paul says they have learned how to communicate better with the public about what it is they do, how they can help and why you might choose them to help with your personal health and wellness needs. I think they do a great job of showing how your health goals fit in with what they are most passionate about.

Amberst Wellness Center has a recently-renovated space with three treatment rooms and a private consultation area. They also have a waiting area with really comfy chairs (zero-gravity chairs to help take the pressure off). They offer massage (which I’ve also been lucky enough to experience from Nicole and could not rave enough about!), acupuncture, hypnosis, health coaching, and herbal medicine and work with folks on a variety of health issues, some of the most common being: pain (ranging from pain from injuries, joint pain, and chronic/arthritic pain), headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, and respiratory issues like asthma and allergies. By Mid-December, the space will also be used for wellness workshops.

The great thing about having all of these modalities in one place is that they can offer a lot to each client without having to refer them out, weaving in and custom-designing what is right for each individual. When a person in pain has to go from health practitioner to health practitioner, it can be a big drain of time and energy, and money spent in various offices. Paul and Nicole are able to streamline this for their clients and offer it all under one roof!


What Do You Like Most About Working in the Souhegan Valley? 

The Mosier’s favorite part of working with the folks in the Souhegan Valley is the people. They say that their clients are fabulous and are the right balance of being both open to new approaches, as well as being intelligent and well-informed.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Souhegan Valley Chamber Member? 

In his work, Paul often takes his client’s pulses as he evaluates them and their individual needs. Together, Paul and Nicole do a great jab (pun intended) of participating in the Chamber and feel that it gives them a similar pulse on the community as a whole; thanks to the Chamber, they feel that they are able to better understand what is going on, as well as the most meaningful way to interact with the local business community.

What is Something that You Want the Community to Know About You? 

Nicole and Paul have been married for nine years this month (Happy Anniversary!) and have known each other for fifteen. They met in a martial arts class, when Nicole was 14 years old –childhood sweethearts. They now reside in Nashua and enjoy weekends filled with hiking, and canning and preserving foods for the colder season to come.

They have recently renovated and updated their location in Amherst and are having a GRAND RE-OPENING and Ribbon Cutting November 9th, 2016 from 4:00 – 7:00 pm.

All are welcome to attend and see the new digs!

I hope you will experience what puts the “Ahhhh” in Acupuncture and Massage with Paul and Nicole for yourself!

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