What Is This Blog All About?

Welcome to my new blog! I will tell you a quick story about why I started it and I hope you will continue to read as I update weekly.

Yesterday, a customer came running into my store in a frenzy to give me a giant hug and tell me how much she loved her new mattress and pillows that she had purchased from me. She said she was getting the best sleep of her life. She made a deliberate stop out of her busy day to tell me some really AWESOME NEWS!

Don’t you just love when people share positive experiences? I know I do. It really brightens my day to hear about all the great things happening in others lives and how we as small business owners help bring those things about each and every day.

In order to get to know some more of my friendly small business owners, I am going to start exploring this great region that we are in and sharing what I find. I have a feeling a lot of gems will come shining through and I will be here to tell you about each and every one of them!

If you would like to be a featured business on this blog and are a member of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce, please email: Emilymaillet@gmail.com


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